Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair

Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair

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damage remedy™ split end repair

The innovative, new formula works to instantly draw and bind frayed ends back together - whilst also helping to prevent new split ends from forming. The last step in your styling routine, simply apply this treatment to your finished style for flawless, smooth and irresistibly touchable-looking locks.
This powerful treatment is formulated with Nangai Oil, sourced from nuts that fall from nangai trees from the tropical island Malekula, in the South Pacific. This special ingredient envelops the surface of each split end, helping to draw wayward strands back together.

1.Before applying New Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair cleanse and condition your hair will Damage Remedy™ Shampoo and Conditioner/Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment (once a week)2. Prep your hair with Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair and follow with your favourite Aveda styling products3. Once your hair has been styled, complete your hair care routine by applying a pea-sized amount of new Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair – emulsify in your hands and apply in sections using downward movements from mid-lengths to ends to capture all of your split ends.

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